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How to Create a Deal



  • Zaira Morales

    The above claims I should be able to add products to an offer in draft mode but when I select the additional items from the product catalog and try to select the offer I have in draft mode it does not work. I am trying to add 3 items from the catalog to my draft offer named "Sterling Silver Birthstone Babies. This should not be an issue since all of my products have the same category & sub category "Jewelry / Fine Jewelry / Collections". Should I just leave that one in draft and start a whole new offer? I am so frustrated.

  • Kristina

    How do I delete a deal or a product once it is entered? How do I delete a deal or product once it is in draft mode?

  • Marilou Suson

    I can not click all the categories and no way can't open it.

  • Xavier Kingston

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  • Janali Bopearachchi

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